What should baby drink?

One thing I’ve done as the hippie, do-it-yourself mama that I am, is make my own baby food.  Okay, I haven’t done is exclusivley, but I have made a fair amount.  The cookbook I’ve been using is Cooking Light First Foods. I like it because a major contributor is an RD, and it has both recipes for “baby food” as well as feeding and nutrition advice. It also has recipes for older babies and toddlers, i.e. foods to make for the whole family, and how to alter a few things to make the recipe baby friendly.

Anyway, CLFF said that around 8  months I should introduce a sippy cup. I did that, but somehow, my Sweet Potato just didn’t get the hang of it.  With the soft spout cups, she just wanted to feel the spout with her fingers, and with the hard spout cups, she just wanted to bite it.  But finally one of my friends suggested the straw-type sippy cup, and showed me her own daughter, my own Sweet Potato’s age, expertly sipping through the straw.  Wow! I thought. I need to try that cup!  It took a little practice, and some demonstration (See Baby? Suck on the straw, like this. ::Suck in cheeks and make a fishy face::)  The fishy face did it.  SP figured it out!

So what did I put in the cup?  For her first few cups, it was about 2/3 apple juice and 1/3 water. I wanted her to be motivated to figure out that cup! But after she was good at it, I decreased it to about 1/3 apple juice, and now she’s just drinking water.  My feeling is that juice is about as sugary as soda, with hardly any redeeming qualities. I don’t want my children to think that all their drinks need to be sweet.  Water is a wonderful beverage, and I want to teach them to enjoy it.  And Sweet Potato drinks water just fine.

I’m looking forward to giving her cow’s milk soon, but the general advice is to wait until a baby is 1 to start with milk.  I always thought this was to avoid a milk protein allergy, but apparently, it’s just to keep parents from weaning a baby off breast-milk or formula and onto cow’s milk.  Honestly, I’m not sure what  the point is in waiting, since whatever I give her in a sippy cup is supplemental to nursing.  I’m not replacing breast-milk with water, juice or cow’s milk; I’m giving her a liquid in a cup to increase her fluid intake, possibly her calorie intake, and teach her that there are drinks that taste different than breast-milk.  But whatever. If I need to wait a few more weeks before I give her hippie organic grass-fed omega-3 spiked milk, so be it.


Who doesn’t like oranges?

Yesterday morning I mixed up some baby oatmeal with formula for my Sweet-Potato, and rummaged in the cupboard to find a fruit to go with it.  I came up with banana-orange baby food, and thought why not give it a go? She likes bananas.  After feeding her the puree stuck to the foil seal plus one bite, Sweet-Potato made a face, and refused to open her mouth for any more banana-orange mush. After a few attempts to get her to open up, I decided to put that one in the fridge for later, and got out the pears that I know she likes.  She ate about half of that, and hardly any of the cereal. I think she wasn’t very hungry.  It’s actually funny that I turned to the pears, because I remember the first 2-3 times I fed her pears, she had the same reaction- wouldn’t touch it.  It just goes to show that sometimes a baby (or adult) needs to try a food a few (or many) times before it becomes acceptable.  We’ll try the banana-orange mixture again. And again and again if we need to. Or maybe just move straight to orange pieces one of these days.  Beacause, really, who doesn’t like oranges?

Menu for the week-1

Inspired by one of my facebook friends, I thought I’d share my meal plan for this week.  I find it is much easier to prepare meals when I have planned them out ahead, and shopped for all the ingredients that I need.

Monday- french toast and sausage (Per the hub’s request. A great way to use up that white bread that I bought when he was sick.)

Tuesday- salmon, steamed broccoli and quinoa (I like to buy frozen wild-caught salmon when it’s on sale and keep it in the freezer. It is really simple to broil, and tastes great. This will be a quick meal, and Sweet-Potato likes salmon.)

Wednesday- we’ll eat at church. I think the meal this week is Cheesy sausage and rice casserole. Yum.

Thursday- taking beef pot pie to a friend’s home, and will share the meal with them there. This one is supposed to be good for little ones.

Friday- crockpot tortilla soup.  It calls for chicken breasts, but I think I’ll make it vegetarian.

Weekend- leftovers, eating out, and maybe something like quiche (my crustless quiche recipe is on the Summer of Plenty blog, although the baking temperature I listed is wrong- bake it at 400 degrees) or beans and rice burritos.

I’m hoping my little Sweet Potato will eat plenty of this “table food” so that I don’t have to fix a lot of extra finger food for her.



my sweet-potato enjoying a healthy breakfast

This is my brand new blog.  Some of you may know me from Summer of Plenty- my experiment with community supported agriculture.  Now I’m going to blog about my adventures in feeding my family.  This is a sort of “rubber meets the road” blog, because I’m a registered dietitian (RD), and am good at telling people what to eat, but maybe not so good at practicing what I preach.  My goal is to feed my family healthy foods, and in my daughter’s case, foster a love of healthy foods.  So far so good- her favorite foods are asparagus, avocado, and mango. But then, she’s not even 1.  I’ll probably muse about food culture, and food in the news occasionally, as well as my adventure in gardening, as this is my very first year to have a vegetable garden.  Please join me on my food and family adventure!