Who doesn’t like oranges?

Yesterday morning I mixed up some baby oatmeal with formula for my Sweet-Potato, and rummaged in the cupboard to find a fruit to go with it.  I came up with banana-orange baby food, and thought why not give it a go? She likes bananas.  After feeding her the puree stuck to the foil seal plus one bite, Sweet-Potato made a face, and refused to open her mouth for any more banana-orange mush. After a few attempts to get her to open up, I decided to put that one in the fridge for later, and got out the pears that I know she likes.  She ate about half of that, and hardly any of the cereal. I think she wasn’t very hungry.  It’s actually funny that I turned to the pears, because I remember the first 2-3 times I fed her pears, she had the same reaction- wouldn’t touch it.  It just goes to show that sometimes a baby (or adult) needs to try a food a few (or many) times before it becomes acceptable.  We’ll try the banana-orange mixture again. And again and again if we need to. Or maybe just move straight to orange pieces one of these days.  Beacause, really, who doesn’t like oranges?


One thought on “Who doesn’t like oranges?

  1. So excited about your new blog! I didn’t know you had a blog. I’ve started wondering about our next adventures in introducing solids, still have a few months to go, but this will be a great resource! Yay!

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