Where’s the Beef?

After I had been feeding Sweet Potato fruits, veggies and some cereal for a couple months, I decided it was time to add meat.  The main reason was because I didn’t feed her much cereal, and the only high iron food I was feeding her was lentils. She may not have been bored with lentils, but I was getting bored feeding her the same protein- and iron-rich food all the time.  So I whipped up a batch of beef with sweet potato using a recipe from Cooking Light First Foods.  Today I made a batch of chicken with sweet potato, based on recipes from CLFF, and took pictures to share with you!

There are a few things I like about making baby food. First, I control what goes into the food. I can use organic meats. I can use locally produced foods, even foods from my own garden. If I like, I can puree foods that Gerber doesn’t sell- like eggplant or plain ol’ zucchini. I can lightly season mixtures with herbs and spices so that my baby learns to like different flavorings.  I also like that it actually looks and tastes like food– food that I would eat! And isn’t that the goal? Teach my child to like foods I like, just like people all across the world in every culture teaches their children what foods are good and appropriate, and what foods go together.


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