Sweet Potato turns One!

I just thought I’d post some pictures of SP’s birthday and birthday party.


She is reading her birthday card- upside down!


Playing with presents, other toys and wrapping implements, and having fun!

A friend asked if I was going to make a healthy birthday cake, and I said "no." However, these cupcakes were made using the "surprise chocolate cake" recipe from my Simply in Season cookbook. What's the surprise? Beets! But, they have plenty of sugar and white flour, so I wouldn't consider them a health food- just semi-healthy. And none of our guests could tell the difference.

Sweet Potato can't wait to dig in!

Sweet Potato can’t wait to dig in!

She ate almost the whole cupcake.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Potato turns One!

    • Yeah, I used the Cream Cheese Marmalade recipe I found on Epicurious, and substituted raspberry jam. I had been hoping for bright pink, but the icing turned out lavender. It was pretty anyway.

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