Picky eaters

I know a lot of moms who think that their kids are picky eaters, and they all have a somewhat different way for dealing with the problem. Since I haven’t had this problem (yet! I’m sure it’s coming!), I don’t have a lot to offer as far as personal experiental advice. However, I have read a bit about how to deal with it, and this is a good article I came across recently that gets the main thrust of all the RD advice I’ve heard.  When you look at the rules Ms. Wallace offers, it takes the stress off. Parents, just offer your kids healthy foods, at regular times, and keep the stress level low. Give your child the opportunity to decide the rest.  Ellyn Satter calls this “division of responsibility in eating” and also says to also offer something like bread or rice at each meal- something that you know your child will like even if she refuses everything else.  Even if all she eats is bread for a couple days, or weeks, she will eventually eat something else!  I plan on using this advice when Sweet Potato decides that she only likes carbs, and I’m confident it will work.


Cups, cups, cups

I discovered at a recent barbecue picnic that Sweet Potato is enamoured of drinking from a cup. I’m not sure if she’s more interested in the cup or what’s in the cup.  Probably the former given that she often spits out what I let her try.  She really liked the Spelenda-sweetened tea they were serving, but that’s hardly surprising. It was quite sweet, and the tea wasn’t particularly strong.

That got me thinking: what did parents do before sippy cups? The sippy cups we have today are “spill proof,” but even in past iterations, the cups had spouts to make drinking easier. I know, because my mother in law still has several of those Tupperware cups- and they work well for a baby who hasn’t figured out how to use the modern kind that only operates with significant suction.  Or were they really invented to keep things cleaner? I think that’s the more likely scenario.  I doubt that moms let their toddlers run around the house with glasses full of apple juice before these handy cups were invented, but there were surly a number of accidents while children were learning to drink.

Did moms have to be more aware of their children’s thirst and make a point to offer water on a regular basis? I’m sure that if there had been car seats, there would be no integrated cup holders. At what age would a child be proficient at using a regular adult glass? Because I’m sure this was in the era before plastic was ubiquitous.  And would it be so bad to go back to this era?  Are sippy cups an invention of modern times in the same vein as the “kids meals” that I find so exasperating? Are sippy cups training our children to be gluttonous slobs who think they can eat and drink anything, anywhere at any time?

Okay, maybe they’re not that bad. But I think that this summer, Sweet Potato will get plenty of chances to drink water out of a solo cup. Outside.

The great appetite change

Well, I think it’s upon us. Sweet Potato is finally not finishing her meals, and refusing foods that I know she likes. Case in point: the other day I decided to use some of the chard from the garden, and some beans I had in the fridge to make us a quick lunch. SP doesn’t always eat greens, but she often does, and she loves beans.  So I sauteed the chard with a fair amount of garlic and some red pepper flakes, let it cook until fairly dry, then added the beans to wam through. I was skeptical that it would be good, since I didn’t grow up eating greens and am still developing a taste for them.

Beans and Greens

What a pleasant surprise! It was quite delicious. And I felt quite virtuous after eating it, especially because I had even already run that morning. But my sweet baby had a different opinion of our healthy lunch. Here is Sweet Potato at the beginning of lunch.

She is still figuring out how to use utensils

Here she is when she was waving her hands franticaly to communicate that she was “all finished!”

“all done, Mama!”

What did she eat? A half a muffin. Then I gave her the other half because I didn’t want a whiney starving baby in an hour. What happened to my good eater? I guess her growth, and appetite, has finally slowed. Or maybe she doesn’t prefer really garlicky food. Either way, she has definitely been eating less, and showing stronger preferences. I suppose this is okay, as long as I keep offering her healthy foods, including several good protein sources each day.

Now for a gratuitous cute baby picture:

Vampire baby!

Enjoying cherries

And here is the pizza I made the other day. I cut a small slice into small pieces for Sweet Potato, and she gobbles them up. It was a good pizza, if I do say so myself.

Pizza with sauteed onion and pepper