Pickiness begins

A few weeks ago, now, Sweet Potato started turning up her nose at some foods that I know she likes. This seems to have only gotten worse. Let me give a few examples.

This week I made a casserole using roasted veggies on her Like list- sweet potato (obviously!), cauliflower, and to a lesser extent sweet peppers.  Granted, this recipe was fairly spicy, but she didn’t touch it! And Hubby and I thought it was delicious!

Then, this weekend we were in Lancaster, PA for the Bird in Hand half marathon.  I decided to sign our family up for the all-you-can-eat pasta dinner, but SP ate little of her pasta, none of her meatballs, and an entire  bread stick. I have been worrying lately that she isn’t getting enough protein.

eating like a big girl

Can you say “carb lover?”

Tonight for supper we had the leftovers of a cheesy chicken and rice casserole. Sweet Potato likes carrots, rice, and sometimes chicken, but all she would eat tonight (and the first time) was the carrots. Maybe she didn’t like the cheesy sauce, but really, there’s nothing in this recipe that she shouldn’t like.  She kept hollering and reaching for the fridge during supper, and my only guess at what she wanted was pancakes. I tend to keep a bunch in the fridge because they make an easy breakfast (and snack), but perhaps I’ve come to rely too heavily on them. I gave her a glass of milk, and that comprised the bulk of her supper. Mistake? Perhaps, but I would have let her have the milk anyway.

So what now? I suppose I’ll do more dinners like tonight- foods that she likes, and if she doesn’t eat them, she goes to bed hungry.  Sooner or later she’ll have to learn that what we’re eating is all there is. Hopefully she caves before I do.


Menu for the week-1

Inspired by one of my facebook friends, I thought I’d share my meal plan for this week.  I find it is much easier to prepare meals when I have planned them out ahead, and shopped for all the ingredients that I need.

Monday- french toast and sausage (Per the hub’s request. A great way to use up that white bread that I bought when he was sick.)

Tuesday- salmon, steamed broccoli and quinoa (I like to buy frozen wild-caught salmon when it’s on sale and keep it in the freezer. It is really simple to broil, and tastes great. This will be a quick meal, and Sweet-Potato likes salmon.)

Wednesday- we’ll eat at church. I think the meal this week is Cheesy sausage and rice casserole. Yum.

Thursday- taking beef pot pie to a friend’s home, and will share the meal with them there. This one is supposed to be good for little ones.

Friday- crockpot tortilla soup.  It calls for chicken breasts, but I think I’ll make it vegetarian.

Weekend- leftovers, eating out, and maybe something like quiche (my crustless quiche recipe is on the Summer of Plenty blog, although the baking temperature I listed is wrong- bake it at 400 degrees) or beans and rice burritos.

I’m hoping my little Sweet Potato will eat plenty of this “table food” so that I don’t have to fix a lot of extra finger food for her.