The great appetite change

Well, I think it’s upon us. Sweet Potato is finally not finishing her meals, and refusing foods that I know she likes. Case in point: the other day I decided to use some of the chard from the garden, and some beans I had in the fridge to make us a quick lunch. SP doesn’t always eat greens, but she often does, and she loves beans.  So I sauteed the chard with a fair amount of garlic and some red pepper flakes, let it cook until fairly dry, then added the beans to wam through. I was skeptical that it would be good, since I didn’t grow up eating greens and am still developing a taste for them.

Beans and Greens

What a pleasant surprise! It was quite delicious. And I felt quite virtuous after eating it, especially because I had even already run that morning. But my sweet baby had a different opinion of our healthy lunch. Here is Sweet Potato at the beginning of lunch.

She is still figuring out how to use utensils

Here she is when she was waving her hands franticaly to communicate that she was “all finished!”

“all done, Mama!”

What did she eat? A half a muffin. Then I gave her the other half because I didn’t want a whiney starving baby in an hour. What happened to my good eater? I guess her growth, and appetite, has finally slowed. Or maybe she doesn’t prefer really garlicky food. Either way, she has definitely been eating less, and showing stronger preferences. I suppose this is okay, as long as I keep offering her healthy foods, including several good protein sources each day.

Now for a gratuitous cute baby picture:

Vampire baby!

Enjoying cherries

And here is the pizza I made the other day. I cut a small slice into small pieces for Sweet Potato, and she gobbles them up. It was a good pizza, if I do say so myself.

Pizza with sauteed onion and pepper